Privacy Policy (English)

Rolonext B.V. (henceforth referred to as “Rolonext”) handles Rolonext services’ user information as follows.

Articles of Information Collected

Rolonext collects the following information for purposes of service provision.
[iPhone, Android]
  • Collected Items: Device information unidentified with personal information, and service usage information
  • Unidentified with personal information: Unable to identify individuals with collected information

Manner of Information Collection

Rolonext collects information through the following methods:
  • Through the process of accessing and using Rolonext programs.
  • Through generated information collection tools.

Information Collection and Utilization Purposes

Rolonext utilizes collected information for the following purposes:
  • To help users use Rolonext services with ease.
  • To compile statistical data about Rolonext service uses.
  • For internal review and improvement of Rolonext services.
  • To give important announcements when necessary.

Information sharing and supply

Device information unidentified with personal information collected during the use of Rolonext services will be used within the means listed in Information Collection and Utilization Purposes. Furthermore, information that may be used to identify individuals is not collected or shared with outside parties.
Some of the data collected from you in connection with your use of this app, as applicable, is shared or otherwise made available to third parties with whom we are affiliated, and is collected, stored and used in accordance with the third-party privacy policy set forth at:

Personal Information Handling Consignment

Rolonext does not collect information that may be used to identify individuals.

Information Regarding Outside Party Module Uses

Rolonext may insert outside party models in Rolonext services’ smartphone applications for the purpose of calculating efficiency of ads pushed in outside party media, in order to make payments to ad agencies, and for the purpose of analyzing user patterns.

Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Exercising Them

  • Rolonext services collects device information unidentified with personal information. Therefore it is impossible to inquire into, or make adjustments to particular individuals.
  • Users or legal representatives, should they no longer wish to have information collected, may use the functions of the device to delete the service.
  • Information collected through services, once deleted by users or legal representatives, will be processed as stated in “Information Possession and Duration of Use,” and will be processed as such that they are not open to browsing or other uses.

Automatic Information Collection Module Installation/Operation and Rejection

Purpose of Cookies
To provide information optimized for users based on the services they have used and websites they have visited.
Cookies Installation/Operation and Rejection
Users have the right to opt out of Cookies. Therefore, users may through the web browser’s settings and options, check every time Cookies are saved, or reject all permissions and/or saving of Cookies. There may be difficulties in certain services that require log-in if saving of Cookies is denied.

※ Cookies Installation, Permissions and Settings (In the case of Internet Explorer) - On the top menu of web browser: Tools > Internet Options > Security
Analysis of Applogs through Google Analytics
Analysis of users’ usage of services using Google Analytics
Big Data Analysis through Information Collection Tools (unidentified with personal information)
Analysis of device information using internal information collection tools

Information Possession and Duration of Use

Rolonext destroys users’ information on principal once the purpose of information collection has been reached. However, should there be a need to preserve information unidentified with personal information, according to internal policy or related legislative regulation, it may be stored for a certain amount of time.

Personal Information Destruction Procedure and Method

Rolonext does not collect information that is identified with personal information.

Privacy-related Contact Information

If there should arise questions, dissatisfaction, or need for consultation on the topic of this privacy policy, you can report your inquiries to the user information management (

Privacy Policy Revision

If there should be an addition or edition to his privacy policy based on legislative policies or a change in security technology, the content and reason of the revision will be announced, at least 7 days prior, on the Rolonext website ( and/or Rolonext applicaions, in Settings > App Information.
Effective: January 1st, 2017